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its a custom made website i just did the designing & non of the coding
It is the first website that you as a civilian can log on to and report and incident of any nature like robbery carjack or anything else.
then it notify the police of the location of the incident and time so that they can take action and it keeps you notified about the danger areas and places that are or aren't safe.
It does alot more in that field.
this is the logo i didn't do it i just re-drew it. it is a thief being caught in the spotlight.
this is the home page, it was supposed to be easy to access  and understandable for the sake of convenience and the nature of the website
This is the reporting page where you can just point on the map and report, or check the safety of the different city areas
This is the campaign pages where the website launch different campaigns like the one displayed about stolen cars their plate numbers and how to spot them and what to do when you spot one 

this is the single scroll page for the ipad version