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Visual identity and production for the band 'reijo'
Web Site for the band 'reijo'
Part of my creative flood is contained in music and having been a life-long musician and song-writer, our band 'reijo' underwent a redesign. My brother James (guitar and vox) and I (guitar and vox) sat down and proposed the objectives that a redesign would need to meet to bring our music into the new realm which involves a lot more social media than musician web sites used to be. We already had videos on youtube, music on our retail site hosted by bandcamp, a page on facebook, music demos hosted on, music releases for download on CBC Radio 3, as well as musician profiles on

I proposed, designed, and programmed a modern, clean, and fun visual identity for the band and the subsequent web site. We kept the site simple but expansive when needed. It has become the central grounding point for the band to allow fans to branch off to the different social sites but also provide access to songs and videos from there. Fan levels and song purchases have increased steadily with the launch.
Below are some of the songs written, performed, and produced by myself and my brother James.
We hope you like them.