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  •    Louis Nevelson is a famous female artist in the United States. Most of her work showed many frame of boxes and a part of objects placed. She is really a conceptual artist using found object. The objects in still life show complexity and curved shape rather than frame of boxes. It looks like some- thing blocked and caved from free will or a personal characteristic. She used black monotone color.  She said black includes all colors. 
       I feel it is like a society. Each person has their own color and characteristic, but the rules pressed it for keeping the frame. People can show their color in the frame, but it is not enough and block the way of improving creative. The frame is education to me. It is an experience of my country, students study the same subjects and do not have any other activities. The system has the subject, but it is they’re not optional classes so the classes taught general knowledge and not focus on each student’s creativity and improvement of the section. Most students just memorize everything they learn, not understand and not enjoying their learning. Even thought people will be go to college and focus on their major classes, it is hard to get out of the boxes too. I tried to keep the artist conceptual art way, using objects in still life. I chose many school supplies to explain this type of education that destroys students’ creative. 
      Nelson uses monotone, but I used many saturated colors to explain we are living another time. Today, people try to figure out each person’s characteristic, and can get free will rather than past. However, students are having trouble thinking outside the box and prioritizing what the adults want, such as good education, relationship, job, and class. I used many books to make the frame of a box, the education system.  Also, many fancy colors give ironic purpose of education, it is really for students or the society.
    Motif : Louise Nevelson 
       Sky Cathedral/Southern Mountain 1959