wedding deco

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  • Key visual of the wedding:
    The portraits of the bride & the broom are eyesless,
    because their love comes from the heart, not from the eyes.

  • The invitations:
    The invitations were double colored
    and implemented the key visual.
    The paper was additionally curled.
    The ready invitations were put in spacial
    envelopes sealed with the family stamp.

  • Hearts:

    The paper hearts were spread hanging around
    the bar for decoration.When the official part came
    they were given to the guests to write down their
    best wishes in the hearts and fold them into envelopes.
    They were gathered together in a special boxes to become
    precious lifetime souvenir for the bride & the broom.

  • Paper lanterns:

    When the sun went down and the lights were low
    the special paper lanterns were served on the tables
    to complete the romantic atmosphere of the wedding.
    After the print the paper was additionally curled
    to enrich the play of light & shadows effect.