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    The city is yours – now walk it!
  • Inspired by compass navigation and maps, Walkit is a simple device that provides a basic sense of orientation. The system of central points is put on a magnetized sheet that turns as compass: instead of pointing north, it will point to the direction one is facing in relation to the city. To explain: one arrives at Amsterdam Central Station, wanting to visit Museum Square. The Walkit shows the direction one needs to go, free to choose which streets to take, intuitively discovering the scale and story of the city.
    No more turning big maps in confusion, following a line, or being lost – without forcing a certain route, one can intuitively navigate, explore, and enjoy the city. Walkit doesn’t require any electricity, any smart phone or special circumstances. It is cheap to produce and sell, easy to use, will work everywhere, and can be customized for different cities and purposes. The city is yours – now walk it!