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Brochure design for Molyvos Tourism Association, containing information about walking and biking trails around Molyvos, Lesvos island, Greece.
The Molyvos Tourism Association commisioned a group of professionals to produce a bilingual brochure with a map about walking/biking around Molyvos. I was given the task to design the brochure.
For the cover, we selected a picture that shows the feel of walking/biking around Molyvos.
On side A, there is a detailed map of the Molyvos surrounding area that includes a network of 12 walking and biking trails.
On side B, there is text on nature, sights and details of the trails accompanied by picturesque photography. There is also a chart showing distance, estimated time and difficulty level for each trail.
The final result is a neat and to-the-point design that allows maximum readability to the map, provides useful information to the target audience while promoting the Molyvos brand (under the tagline THE OTHER AEGEAN) as a walking/biking destination.


GPS data, GIS mapping and text by Haroula Papazoglou
Graphic design by Michael Samiotis
Photos and land coverage by Theano Koufaki
Molyvos brand identity and logomarks by samata (