w a l k . [intervention, spitalfields, east london]

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  • walk.Intervention, Area of Spitalfields,East London
    November 2004

    “Nothing is experienced by itself,
     but always in relation to its surroundings,
    the sequence of events building up to it,
    the memory of past experiences. ...
    The image of a city is never stable,
    it always changes.”

    WALK is a rhizomelike approach of connecting and recombing the contemporary,
    urban landscapewith its history. Frames have been placed across this neighborhood,
    pointing out local histories,facts and personal associations. A line painted onto the pavement
    connects the individual frames,creating a continuous path of roughly 2 km.

    In addition, Public Voice Boxes have been attached tospecific street corners, allowing the public
    to express and share thoughts either related to the walkor any other local issues.

    WALK has been published, quoted and related to due to its multidisciplinary concerns.
    Over time WALK faded away into the city jungle again, just how it was meant to.
    It stays an urban legend for the people who know until today.

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  • area of intervention: Spitalfields, London

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  • P U B L I S H E D I N
    Demonstrating Relevance; Response-Ability, O Vodeb, N Janović, 2011
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    A W A R D S
    Memefest 2005, International Festival of Radical Communication, Category Beyond, 4th place

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