• venue - tix

  • The aim was to take into count the diverse market of venue-tix’s with it’s wide range of interests so I wanted to create a very broad brand. I started to consider the venues as something organic, so in a way they are an environment we shape ourselves.

    I hinted at this with the negative space I created in the logo and it is symbolic of how the space is open to interpretation. I played with the idea of space throughout the brand with the playful use of shapes and 
    negative space.
  • I wanted to bring back the excitement while cleaning up the layout with thoughtful typography.
  • I wanted to really embrace the brand when it came to retail stores and push the familiarity of the shapes while having some fun.
  • My aim was to simplify the interface and turn the website into a user friendly environment that was as complex as it needed to be, allowing the content to come first. I needed to establish where the brand would fit in so it wouldn’t be a hindrance.