• Vector chair
    melounge studio

  • Armchair Vector is a timeless piece with an original and unique shape. Ideally suited to both; modern and classic spaces. It will be an excellent main piece for interiors that are juxtaposed to their surroundings. The high quality crafted finish guarantees comfort. A fully upholstered seat adds an ergonomic quality to the piece and allows multiple usage. The height of the seat follows the current market’s interior design trends. It is slightly tilted which adds more depth to the seat and guarantees comfortable and natural sitting position. The additional asset is the upholstered backrest, which is specially shaped to maximize comfort by optimal fit and height of the backrest and armrests. The armchair rests on the birch wood leg, which is treated and hand shaped with interesting details. There are different types of upholstery used. The armchair is available in several colours to meet customers’ needs.
    Vector looks great from all sides, thanks to the attention to detail and precise finish. This chair will make you look great!