usher burn album cover design

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  • An album artwork designed for Usher’ssingle album named “Burn”
    Today, album salesare decreasing rapidly all over the world. Even the artists with millions offans are having a hard time to sell their albums. The main purpose of the albumcover’s design is to be a collectible item for the artist’s fans around theworld.
    Usher is one ofthe most famous American R&B artists. The fan demographic range is betweenthe ages 15-45. The song is a lyric piece and the video of the song is based onthe concept of fire. The album cover has been designed considering all ofthese.
    The album cover isdesigned as a match box inspired by the single’s name, lyrics, andconcept.  A retro style graphic languagehas been tried to be accomplished by the usage of the photography & fontstyle. Inside the cover, for the mock up matches, real wood material has beenused. The lyrics of the songs are attached inside the album cover with the helpof a holder. The album cover is printed on a 350 gr. offset paper.