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    Iyababa Le Deal

    The aim of the ‘uShaka, Black Market’ brief was to increase the black market penetration and repeat visitation. As a result, uShaka’s primary objectives were to; increase category awareness, increase brand awareness, increase black footfall to at least 25% - 30%, out of season and 35% - 40%, in season and increase the digital black presence to at least 25%. As part of the uShaka brand challenge, my group and I conducted extensive primary and secondary research on the lower income black market. Notably, the reason the lower income black market was selected was because, through research, it proved that the lower LSM 5 and 6 brackets are the fastest growing LSM’s in South Africa. Thereafter, a number of key insights were established about the lower income black market. For example, insights that were established based on surveys conducted in the township demonstrate that; word-of-mouth is ubiquitous, discounts and deals are important, the taxi is the mode of communication and parties, alcohol and music are examples of an event the target market would like to attend.Thus, after a thorough ideation and conceptualization, the concept of ‘Iyababa le deal’ was created. Iyababa is slang used within the township to describe something as ‘hot’. The reason the group selected the concept of iyababa is because it is a term that resonates with the culture and atmosphere of the township. In addition, the research we conducted as a group proved that the only way to get people from the township to uShaka was either through a deal or an event. Therefore, we proposed the idea of hosting an event (outside the uShaka locaton) that provides influential djs, music, deals and ultimately status. The execution took the form of; Iyababa tickets, deals, combos, posters, taxi activations and appearance’s by celebrity icons such as DJ Nuz.