uPHERIA Music Production

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  • In early 2012, I decided to go ahead with creating a music production alias. This decision meant creating a recurring theme for a logo, some backgrounds, and video stills.

    Once you're done, I would love it if you had a listen to my music on either SoundCloud, YouTube or Facebook.
  • Here is my logo.
    I have tried to portray euphoria in my logo, hence the figure clutching his head. Also, I chose to use the 'μ' symbol in my alias instead of an ordinary 'u', however, most of the time websites do not accept the symbol, and I have to use a 'u'.
  • Here is my full cover of Dearly Departed - Young Guns (uPHERIA One Man Band Cover)
    I played, sung, recorded and edited everything you hear in this track. For the video, I decided simply incorporating the music project file in the background would be the nicest solution.
  • This is another cover I have recently completed (in early January). It has not been uploaded to YouTube.
  • This is an original track. I created an interesting transition towards the end... changing musical style.
  • I love film soundtracks and the emotion they can bring. This is a more orchestral/natural sounding original track, heavily moulded around the piano.
  • This is the background I use for anything associated with uPHERIA. I placed the figures so to be seen easily on YouTube.