transeuropa 2012 - teaser

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  • In the beginning of 2012 we produced a teaser for the transeuropa peformance festival, see bleow the description of the festival.

    Direction/Production: Quintessenz Creation
    Animation/Editing: Steven Kloebzig
    Sound: Daniel Matz

    transeuropa2012 is a young European theatre and performance festival. It takes place in Hildesheim, Germany and has a cycle of three years. Since 1994 transeuropa explores and produces bold new formats and encourages discussions about different aesthetics and artistic work approaches. The focus of the festival is to bring forward a new emerging generation of the independent theatre scene in Europe and to inspire exchange among the countries. The topic of the debate is the question of how humans get together. We will create an experimental ground, where communities can be tried out. From 12th to 19th May 2012 in Hildesheim.
    With artists from Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal and Germany. >>get involved!