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    The California Jeweler’s Association (CJA) is the largest state association of retail jewelers, suppliers and designers in the US. In keeping with their efforts to represent the interests of jewelry professionals, they needed help to solve a unique problem; their retailers needed a voice online. Since a majority of their limited resources are dedicated to security, overhead, and quality product, many CJA members struggled to create an effective online presence.

    While conceptualizing how to solve this problem for CJA, we discovered a unique business opportunity. We decided to build, a new go-to site for jewelry enthusiasts and social portal for all things fine jewelry. With the latest in celebrity news,style tips, industry expert insight and other exclusive content, it is designed to link consumers directly to CJA retail member locations. The model was designed to incentivize new member subscriptions, while also continuing to foster existing member relationships using theCaratDiet as an exposure point. The website adds value to both retailers and consumers, while giving CJA a voice in the social media sphere. theCaratDiet continues to grow and now includes retail locations across the country.
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