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  • The New Insider something besides your wedding ring

    The New Insider is a daily life, experimental, interactive art project for couples. Each of them put on a piece of LED on their neck, which place closely to their heart. In the same time, they also need a hand band for tracking pulse and connect to their iPhone. As a result, anytime, anywhere,couples can check the other’s heartbeat and able to know their emotion or what they are doing. 

    The New Insider offers another choice to lovers who are going to get marry or married,another choice besides ring.
    The social taboo, religious constrictions you have placed around love, which even working without analyze and evaluate, have made it virtually impossible for you to enjoy your being. 
    We believe the best andmost beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Therefore, we do experience experiment.

  •  Experience Experiments 
  • tist Statemet

    The moral codes, religions constrictions, social taboo, and emotional conventions you have placed around love and all of life have made it virtually impossible for you to enjoy your being. Even some of them consider life as a trial, atribulation, a time of testing, a karmic debt that must be paid, and, ingeneral, an experience to be endure whole awaiting the real joy, which is afterdeath.

    “The new insider”offers another choice to lovers who are going to get marry or married, another choice besides ring. Many people may set guidelines of marriage. They are that which occurs, quite predictably, as a consequence of what has occurred.

    Consequences are results. Natural outcomes. All physical life functions in accordance with natural laws. Once you remember these laws, and apply them, you have mastered life at the physical level.
    What seems like punishment to you-or what you world call evil,
    The whole point of the process was for you to discover yourself create yourself, as you truly are – and as you truly wish tobe.
    And you decide how hell you have done; how well youare doing. For you are the one who has devided who and what you really.