tencent carnival

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  • Style Design for Tencent Game Carnival 2010. We used elements from computer games to design this robot, such as mouse, monitor, etc. The basic colors are orange, withe and black, this combination made the style looks fashion and fun.
  • As for Key visual, we broke down the robot into different parts. We recombined the elements with the logo.
  • Style and logo design for Tencent Game Carnival 2010. To emphresize "game" we decided to use elements that are related to computer games. Such as computer, mouse, etc. Character design are both in Chinese and English, it's simple, bold and clear. Combine with elements of computer games, we created the key visual using color orange, black and white. This gives the game carnival a fashion and fun look.
  • Banner advertisement for Tencent Game Carnival, which includes elements from the key visual. This is a vertical version of the banner.