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Hi Everyone, i’m so excited to introduce my very first “CHARACTER” creation : I’m No Lady!

I’m No Lady is born in 13 April 20XX, London,uk.


Height: 1.23cm Weight: 38kg

(Well, i came up this character when i was in london ! I find it really cute and decided to introduce this character to everyone, hoping to get it printed on products, wall vinyl illustration, editorial etc!)

Wana see how he “TRANFORMz”, “GLOWz” and “GROWz”?

Well, ImnoladyDOTcom will be up very soon and please kindly stay tunez!
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Any enquires/collaborations, feel free to drop me an email at or visit my website:
The Missing "U" Typography Project :
I'm no lady and Friends
Outeredit Collaboration Project (2013)
Was invited to do an 'O/E' Collaboration with other 4 Singaporean creatives (here)
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I was one of the 15 Singapore-based graphic designers and artists, known as the 9 Fountains Founding 15, have been printed onto T-shirts