tape dish fixation

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    - A black tie and a checkered spread. Rejected data. Why this perseverance of pop culture with retro?
    - Tape dish fixation.
    "Tape dish fixation" participated in the screening program "How to Art" at Espacio Enter, festival for digital culture, Canarias. The Espacio Enter 2012 edition took place from Thursday November 8th to Sunday November 11th 2012 at TEA - Tenerife Espacio de las Artes.
    "How to Art" is a screening program curated by Gioula Papadopoulou and Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos, initially presented in Festival Miden 2012 last July in Kalamata, Greece. The world of global art keeps expanding in the digital times, and thus its volume has increased beyond imagination. There are voices already speaking of a digital cacophony. At the same time, relevant questions have been multiplied too: Is this art, how do you create art, how do you confront a work of art or an artistic gesture, what is the role of a curator and how does the notorious "art market" works? Everything you need (or never wanted) to know about the magnificent world of contemporary art!
  • perfomed by stelios apostolou // Rollei RPX400 was used for these photos by constantinos k
  • executive editor and titles stavros kostidakis // special thanx to dimitris sakkas
  • perfomer stelios apostolou
    camera 1 vagelis poppis
    camera 2 georgia panagopoulou
    audio track engineered by tape86
    executive editor and titles stavros kostidakis
    special thanx to paul, stele, georgia, vagi, camille, memphidos, tape86, anastasia k

  • a video by constantinos k // 2012