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  • Please check out some of my new work, and leave some feedback
  • This is the welcome page for a project that me and couple of other friends are working on to bring live sometime next year. This web application user interface will be an experience like no other. Will keep updated.
  • This is another welcome page for a student network we are trying to launch sometime next year. Again, it will provide students with a much fluid workspace and cluster free. 
  • This is come of the creative process that I go to before finalizing my work. I hardly use a grid book to sketch, and reason for that is, I like to scale every element once I am in Illustrator but on paper I like to have a little freedom.
  • And this is the cleaner version of things once I have made up my mind on shapes, placement, I go ahead and sketch them clean, free hand, with details such as colors and so on. And then to the computer we gooooooooooo