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Sustainability Festival is organized by Sustainable SFU, a student, staff and alumni run organization. Sustainable SFU's mandate is to assist Sim… Read More
Sustainability Festival is organized by Sustainable SFU, a student, staff and alumni run organization. Sustainable SFU's mandate is to assist Simon Fraser University in its transition into becoming a model sustainable institution. We collaborate with other SFU community members to bring sustainability-related projects, education, and opportunities to the university. Read Less

sustainAB!LITY Festival

In May 2007, I joined Sustainable SFU, a  student, staff and alumni run organization aimed to make Simon Fraser University a more sustainable university, as a graphic designer. The idea is to create an annual sustainability festival emerged in late June 2007. The festival was a sustainability-driven trade show that was intended to raise awareness of sustainability issues within the Simon Fraser University community. When the festival planning started in July 2007, I took on the role as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator in the festival's organizing committee. 

project's scope
The project involved designing the logotype, all print marketing and communications collateral, merchandise, floor decals as well as designing/developing the website using content management system. The first annual sustainAB!LITY festival launched on October 11, 2007.
the logo
The logo utilized Helvetica font family, a modern sans serif typeface that is minimalistic and chic, conveying a sense of professionalism. The word "Ability" is set in upper case with the "i" turned into an exclamation mark, conveying that the festival provides solutions to incorporate sustainability into an average consumer's life. The typography was supplemented with the footprints on both sides of the dot on the exclamation mark to emphasize the tagline"minimizing our footprints". The colour scheme applied to the logo is intended to attract attention while working with a less sizeable budget with orange representing enthusiasm, creativity, success and encouragement, while the dark red is associated to will power.
The event was very successful as 47 vendors and approximately 150 people attended the festival, and we received highly positive feedback from the vendors, the sponsors as well as the SFU staff, faculty and students.

other roles
In addition to the design work, I was also involved in creating the marketing plan as well as print production schedule to effectively implement our event promotions, utilizing traditional media (press releases, campus-wide advertising, and Public Service Announcements) as well as social media (post events on various websites, Facebook group, blogging). I also secured approximately $5,000 in sponsorships from businesses that practice sustainability including Western Printers & Lithographers and HTNaturals, who contributed their services and products for the festival’s promotional materials.