• stuff sacks
    the north face  //  fall 2012 - spring 2013
  • One of my first projects at The North Face was to design new stuff sacks and storage sacks for the Spring 14 line of sleeping bags and tents. Since these act as the product packaging at retail, the project goal was to create a fresh, brand-aligned aesthetic that was compelling and informative to the consumer. They also needed to be functionally rich and durable for use in the field; all at extremely minimal cost.
  • I began exploring different ways to construct the sacks with functional components like compression straps and roll-top closures; evaluating how these might be incorporated into a compelling form
  • I worked with our in-house prototyper to create physical samples. We went through numerous rounds of iterations to achieve the ideal form and function
  • The final design uses triangular end-caps, allowing them to naturally stack in visually-interesting orientations. Graphics clearly inform customers of what’s inside through product line art, feature icons, and matching fabric swatches. For sleeping bags, the integrated grab handle’s color corresponds to the type of insulation - synthetic or down. For tents, the stuff sack is made of the actual tent-floor and rain-fly fabric.
  • final storage sack and compression stuff sack for a women's blue kazoo