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Campaign against social stereotypes/archetypes reinforced in the advertising industry
 Social awareness campaign - student project 
This is an awareness campaign that I submitted for a bachelors degree. The motivation was to expose various myths by deconstructing social ideals that are reinforced within the advertising industry. I worked with a student photographer for the photo shoots. for the completion of this campaign i managed the photo direction, photo editing, layout, logo design, props & models, as well as copywriting.
The logo emerged from an idea i had, to create a villainous character that would shred the 'happy endings' that are rife in the fantasy world of advertising,   So the fantom cat was the character i imagined up. The villain that would trap in its snare, the cock and bull stories or mythologies that reinforce the aspirations and values of capitalist society.
Selling women terminal ugliness is what the media does well. Feelings of inadequacy turn to cosmetic surgery, to mimic the ‘ideal beauty’. Lets face it, lipo surgery sucks and as do the implants and mother tuckers.
In the year 2003 the global cosmetic surgery industry was worth just under two billion rands, an amount that would prevent entire populations from death by starvation. If you believe advertising is ‘plastic’, and a force less than healthy, then join in the campaign for greater responsibility in the persuasion business. 
To anyone interested in viewing the rest of this campaign, an alternate means would need to be arranged as i do not have photo release forms from the models, and therefore i can not display them on a public site.