• Stream is a simple method converting air stream, produced by driving cars, into energy. The technique behind it achieves that the air stream leads to movement of the system, which in turn is attached laterally to the road. Each of the system’s elements is coated by a sturdy piezo-electric foil, which stretches when it is moved. At the time of stretching, it produces energy (piezo-electric effect). The wavy movement of the elements underlies the fin ray effect. The latter stems from the bionics and is integrated into the system. The system’s elements are composed of two braces that merge together as it goes higher and connect at the peak. Some lamellae are attached between the braces, which provide space between the lamellae and lead to a flexible movement. As driving cars pass these elements, the impression of a bow wave is conveyed.  This bow wave swings smoothly along the movement of the car. The concept of Stream can not only be applied to busy roads, but also to high-frequented rail networks. All in all, Stream converts air stream reliable to usable energy and in doing so, it also enhances the aesthetic sense in the range of regenerative energy usage.
    Cooperation with Cristian Costoiu and Martin Hagge.
  • Mock-up of the fin-ray effect