storINg FRAME- Salone Internazionale dei Mobili Milano

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    storINg FRAME is selected among top 5 works on the competition Creative Space Serbia, which prototypes are going to be featured at the international exhibition Salone Internazionale dei Mobili in Milano 2013. Competition is organized by SIEPA (Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency), and besides this event, prototype is also going to be showcased in many similar events with the aim of international promotion of Serbian design scene.
    Inspiration in traditional Serbian craft- knitting, lead to creating an abstract geometric 3D composition with utilization that represents everyday need. The intention is to contribute to the innovation of existing elements in interiors whose function is storing and hanging clothes (that are being changed at the moment, or just postponement), personal and other various home items. This element can rotate from 2D to 3D space, it has a possibility of hanging on the wall or free-standing in space, and provides a variety of opportunities for the organization and use. The very form consists of two same frames that allow rotation in between, and accessories for assembling that contribute to the stiffening of  the frame. Consumer has various possibilities to create his own compositions and way of use as he desires, with accessories like storage boxes and hanging slats.