'stay up forever' - screen prints

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  • 'stay up forever'

    is a personal project, based on an original image created using stencil and brush technique. The prints were first released in January 2011. In January of 2012 the image was voted in at 16th place in the ExpressoBeans 'Art Of The Year 2011' awards, beating some amazing competition, read more and see full results here
  • print spec
    originally released as an edition of 50, 1 colour hand pulled screenprints, on ebony Colorplan 270gsm stock (640 x 482mm).
  • hand finished proofs
    as well as the main edition of 50 black and white prints, there was a small amount of hand finished artist proofs (hand-sprayed in silver, blue, yellow, gold- and some with slogans or pictures printed or painted on).
  • luxury edition

    at a later date the edition was extended with the release of 3 alternative colour ways using Colorplan paper (amethyst-purple, claret-red and midnight-blue)
  • canvas edition

    around the same time an edition of canvases were hand painted, measuring 24 x 36 inch on deep edge canvas. These came in the 4 main colour ways, black-tranquility, purple- amethyst, red-claret and blue-midnight
  • availability

    although all prints have sold out. you can check here: 
    up-the-arts Big Cartel store for availability of canvases and all current releases

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