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  • The module consists of adaptable 3 different flat pieces that could be converted from one thing to another.
    Using only slots in the timber /no using of permanent fixing devices/ provides a possibility to assemble/ disassemble anytime and wood could be easy used in other place or for other purpose.
  • More pieces can be added over time or used in different environments to fulfil different functions. Due to these fixing details the pieces are able to be flat packed and can be dismantled and reassembled if the need arises.
    The system can be extended vertically and horizontally by adding more units, shifting the overall geometry and creating new relationships. Using slots in the timber give them necessary stability.
  • The system is based on adaptable units, allowing for multiple options in use and arrangement. The range allows you to choose the elements you require to fulfil your needs in public space.
  • Final design is set to be manufactured and installed within the community. Platform allows people to form in groups or replace single bench to get more privacy. It gives them a possibility to create their own “freestyle sitting platform” arranged by themselves and give them a feeling of well-known space.
  • Proposal won the second prize in Design contest.
    Benches will be built and installed as a temporary furniture in city centre of Horsens in May 2013 for 7 months.
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