sleeping beauties

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  • sleeping beauties
    human beings in their most vulnerable state.
  • I love how peaceful people look when they sleep.

    I am impressed by the honest expression on their faces. In their countenance, one can read so much: whether they are in a state of deep relaxation or processing various emotional states.

    Sleep is a natural thing that surrounds us every day. Nevertheless, it continues to contain something mysterious, mystical. Also, the fact that people can sleep in the oddest places is remarkable. Mostly, people get into bed to sleep, yet we also often meet them in public buildings, on public transport, or outdoors. I often wonder how one can manage to feel as safe and secure in a tram, or on a park bench as would be necessary in order to calmly submit oneself to this state of vulnerability.

    All humans sleep, regardless of their origin, age or religion. Therefore, only during sleep we attain what we all should obtain before the law : Equality.
  • Nuremberg, Germany 2008

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  • Berlin, Germany 2011

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  • Berlin, Germany 2011

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