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  • Ikea, fantastic for furniture.
    but i'm not there for furniture, im there for the THOUSANDS OF FREE PENCILS BABY.
    see this:

    anyway, this is a Limited (100) Giclee print, 12 x 8.5 inches, drawn with the best pencils in the world. Derwent 8B, and the next best, ikea pencils.
    "ikea pencils are good?"
    no.Theyre GREAT, but only because its free.
    i drew this over the course of 3 months, whenever i had time, i would work alittle. it was thru a time of heartbreak that no one should have to go thru.

    Anyway, its a Giclee print. what that means is, it is super high quality because thats what i would want my print to be if i bought it. It's basically french, for "awesome".

    The print comes unframed, signed, numbered. and i held each one close to my heart before putting it down.

    buy it and hang it up at work.
    "holy shit, is that a frank frazetta original?"
    "no, its by boey."
    "who the fuck is that?"


    Get the prints from MY STORE :