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  • Edward Wilson
    More known in the UK as  “Uncle Bill”, Edward was born in England in the year 1872. Son of a physiotherapist and a stallion breeder, brother of five, Edward was very passionate about nature since he was little. He studied natural science in Cambridge and later Medicine in London. He spent long periods of time in Norway and Switzerland. Not long after that he returned to London to be part of an expedition of the Discovery.
    Wilson took part in 2 expeditions to Antarctica: one in the Discovery, the other in Terra Nova, The first one left in the year 1901 and returned the 1903. In this expedition Edward became friends with Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton. This last one invited him to be a member of his expedition, the Nimrod Expedition, but Edward declined the invitation as a sign of fidelity to Scott.
    In June of 1910, Wilson left Cardiff taking in part in the Terra Nova expedition, the second expedition to Antarctica. He travelled through Madeira, Trinidad, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Finally, the Terra Nova got stuck in ice during three weeks. In January they managed to get to Cape Evans. It was then when their real expedition began, one that was not easy and one in which they wouldn’t get out alive of it. They crossed the Antarctica with all kind of obstacles until they arrived to the South Pole. Unfortunately, they weren’t the first ones to arrive: the Norwegian team had made it there 5 weeks earlier. The return trip was a desperate one and also incomplete. Wilson and 2 more explorers remained at about 11 miles from a refuge that would have saved their lives. They died under the snow, frozen to death in their tents.
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