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Shasei is a project that talks about natural living and how all starts from that explotion.
shasei シャセイ

En Japonés existen dos palabras totalmente diferentes pero con la misma pronunciación, "SHASEI" shasei puede significar "射精" eyaculación, o puede significar "写生" retrato exacto de plantas ó animales.
En esta ocasión denominé esta ilustración "SHASEI" para connotar o retratar ambos significados, en pocas palabras, el de la naturaleza sexual de los seres vivos.
Adicionalmente, me incluí a mí mismo como autoretrato de los cambios que se han estado generando en mí internamente.

In Japanese there are two words with difference meanings but same sound. "SHASEI" could mean "射精" ejaculation, or "写生" sketch living things such plans or animals. So, I put "SHASEI" to this illustration for express both meanings, in other words, the natural sexuality of all beings.
And also I included myself as a selfportrait to express somehow how I have been changing these days.