Счастье / Schastye restaurant

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  • Schastye is a pastry & confectionery chain based in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Schastye is specialized on sweet menu created by notable French chef patissier Laurent Moreno. Its like a small piece of true France in Russia. This place is for friends and about friends. The word "Schaste" means happiness. Schastye’s commitment to Happiness permeates through every facet of the brand. Food, Packaging, Interior, Employees. 

    Everyone has their own reason to come to Schastye: some like home-style delicious food, others like the music of happiness, while for some spending time here with friends has already become a tradition. 
    Upon leaving, Schastye guests dazzle in an assortment of products for purchase. Any dish or dessert can be taken “to-go” in one of several “precious” packages. Items are packaged individually and by hand. 

    Schastye has its unique features — post of happiness, old-fashioned taxophone, music of happiness, clothes. Everything can be bought in the Happy Shop.

    Angels in logotype came from a cozy interior in contemporary shabby chic style with pastel mint and wood details, chalkboards and white cupids on every shelf. The goal was to retain the original sophistication, but modernize it for the modern environment.
    You can find "Schastye" in Russia:
    Saint-Petersburg, Malaya morskaya St. 24; Nevskiy pr., 55
    Created in Global Point Family.
  • Menu & identity
  • Invitation & business cards
  • Chocolate
  • Wooden plate for а set of five finger foods 
  • Packaging paper. White paint on craft.
  • Placemat
  • Gifts & packaging
  • Package set
    Chokolate typography
  • Chocolate packaging paper with label
  • Cold tomato soup in a bottle
  • Tube for cookies
  • Tube with sweet paste
  • Small cans with butter & jam
  • Take away package
  • Toffees package design & chokolate typography

  • Homemade praline paste. Fits in your hand, brings happiness. Christmas package; with dark chocolate,
    sesame and sea salt; with milk chocolate and grillage; with milk chocolate,
    hazelnut and wafer crumb; toffees
  • Showbox
  • Box for a piece of cake
  • T-shirt pack
  • Postcards with Saint-Petersburg views
  • Publications:
    Chois Gallery, Gallery Vol. 30, Fremont, United States
  • Happiness is coming soon.