Smart telecommunications for smart business

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    smart telecommunications
    for smart business
    “Сaravan” Company keeps top positions in the market of business telecommunications due to thoroughly developed work with the clients. “Сaravan” Company’s specialists clearly understand the business of the client and propose individual solutions, precisely meeting the current demands.
    The base of the new style developed by Plenum Branding Consultancy is the company’s graphics, which is integrated into the plots of communications in the same way as the communications integrate in business clients, harmoniously supplementing and strengthening each other with new possibilities.
    The idea, put into the principles of developing the company’s infographics perfectly reflects the gist of telecom-business (to unite and make relations) and illustrates the idea of “Сaravan” brand: “Smart telecommunications for smart business”.
    Project was selected for a Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best, communication design 2013.
    Brand Consultant Tatyana Kharitonova.
    Art Director Egor Myznik.
    Designers Alena Sedyakina, Mihail Lazuhin.
    Project Manager Pavel Nesterenko.
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