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    ONE WHO SELLS CREATION AND STRATEGIC BRAND MANAGEMENT needs that its own brand is strong
    enough to rely on. After many years of experience both in the national and international market 2012 highly important for Lucas Saad’s studio. It was time to reposition its image to align it with all its differentiation points: personalized service, the innovative character of the projects and, mainly, the palpable results that branding and design combined had been providing to its clients. That was what the studio’s new image needed to portray, reaching strategically an audience who would be able to realize all value that could be added through the services that they offered Thus, a complete project was developed for the creation of the brand that would then represent a new studio: saadbranding+design.
             For the development of the studio’s brand new image, an extensive research process took place and it included researches on scenario, competitors, benchmarks, target audience and trends. Through the analysis of the all of them, strategies were drawn that would guide the brand’s experience in all of its touch points. The brand was built under three main pillars: the perfect synchrony between branding and design, the creation of brands that talk to their audience and notable results. From that, a flexible and human brand was created, a brand that relates to its customers — which is exactly what can be expected from all of the brands under the saadbranding+design’s signature. A minimal visual identity portrays some sort of craft-like appeal in its pieces which can relate to the exclusivity and personalized service offered to its customers.
             New clients and projects for companies that are consolidated and stand out in their sectors as strong, unique and relevant brands are some of the results for saadbranding+design after its repositioning. It the first year afterwards, the studio became a finalist at the Design Brazilian Biennial and was the silver winning of the IDEA Brasil Awards, the biggest prize in brazilian design, amongst othe well-known and prestigious names in the field.
    Scenario analysis, competitors analysis, target audience analysis, brand platform, strategic positioning, naming, tone of voice, logotype redesign, symbol update, visual identity, institutional material, promotional material, website architecture and design and commercial strategies.
    Studio: saadbranding+design
    Creative director: Lucas Saad
    Designers: Lucas Saad e Carlos Bauer
    IDEA/Brasil Awards 2014
    Finalist on the Design Strategy category.
    Monochrome: Branding in Black & White
    Published on book by Eastern publisher Sandu Publishing.
    FPO: For Print Only (UnderConsideration)
    Featured on the American website due to excellence on printed pieces.
    New Grids
    Featured on French website.
    Branding Served (Behance)
    Featured on the Branding category of the website curated by Adobe.
    Design and Design
    Featured on the Showcase section of the website.
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