•  Space of contrast
  • Grundig | D'art Design Gruppe | IFA 2012 | Berlin, Germany |
  • The fifthfair design of the D’art Design Gruppe for Grundig at the IFA 2012 visualizesthe successful path of Grundig. The dynamic fair design stands for mobility andgrowth of the brand Grundig. In terms of the concept title “On the Way” threepaths, which cross each other, structure the whole consumer area. Thecorridors’ dynamic arrangement structures the diversity of all Grundig productlines. The fair design illustrates the diversity with a surprisingly spatialand graphic richness in colours and.
    Grundigoffers over 90 product novelties in all areas of entertainment electronics andsmall electronic devices. In the TV area, Grundig is the brand with thegreatest growth with an increase by 142 percent: Thus, the focal topic TV iscommunicated via the three main corridors, which cross each other. From hereexciting views through the brand appearance arrangement rich in contrasts openup. In the brand space’s core the Grundig-blue catwalk is the central corridor.It is framed by TV screens, on which the catwalk topic is shown. The actualcollection of Kilian Kerner is presented on all fair days with overall 40shows. This is how Grundig celebrates the combination of the two lifestyleelements beauty and fashion as well as the long-term partnership with thefashion designer. The central corridor as the hub of the fair stand leadsdirectly into the different topic areas. These are divided by space-creatinggraphics and varying colours. Huge iconic signs distinguish the product areascontent-wise. In all areas the Grundig product lines are arranged via materialand optics. For example the mainly blue audio space is encased with soundabsorbing foam material.
    In 2012,Grundig also grants 2/3 of the whole brand space to the dealers’ area. Here thestringent bright and friendly space arrangement creates much space forintensive talks between Grundig employees and their trade partners, copyingdesign-wise the topic of the previous year.
  • Photography
    Tobias Wille Photographie
    Henning Humml