"reShelf" - Modular Shelf System

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  • "reShelf"
    Modular Shelf System
  • reShelf is a student project developed in my second year of Industrial Design. The brief was to develop a modular system that was not only functionally configurable and expandable but also that the concept was aimed at a specific target with careful contemplation of the end user experience and serial production.

    The result, was a shelf system made up of three different modules which can be arranged in numerous configurations to fit the users needs and personality. Every dimension has been carefully thought out to provide a wide range of possible common uses and to allow a manual-free configuration. The modules are joined by steel and rubber clip-on's which hold the different components together, this system allows for quick and easy reconfiguration, allowing the user to change its appearance at will. As part of the en user experience, the packaging and in-the-box configuration was also designed to allow for easy transport and storage.

    Regarding the productive value of this design, the simplicity in its appearance shows its origins in the manufacturing line where if correctly set up, optimizes the use of raw material and minimalises the number of required processes, creating a stylish and affordable piece of furniture. 
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