quackie :: duckie kids storage

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    quackie :: duckie kids storage furniture by e-glue
  • A toy box is one of the most important furniture in a kid’s room. With this in mind, we wanted to create a fun, useful, unique and clean lined storage piece for children. That’s the way Quackie, our wooden modern design duck-shaped furniture, is born. To be honest, it’s now 3 years old… but we put it in a safe place and were waiting for the right time to bring it to light ! Easy to move with its yellow beak and nice wheels, our blue-headed duck will definitely become a main character furniture in any kid’s bedroom. We usually make appeals here for other designers ; today, it’s for ourselves we call for a manufacturer/editor who would be interested in a such project ! Of course, we have much more to tell… Contact us for further information.
    © E-GLUE // Quackie duckie kids furniture - 3D rendering : Vincent Salasombath