• pizelato immagine corporativa
    corporate identity
  • naming, logo and business stationery created for a professional graphic design studio based in mexico, my own firm, one of the most ambitious project for a designer.

    the logo development was designed based on a stylized concept formed by a square shape that represents a big size pixel.

    copyright © | 2002-2012 pizelato immagine corporativa
  • this project has been awarded by,
    quadawards, 2014 in germany
    favourite design awards, 2013 in france
    summit creative awards, 2012 in usa
    hiiibrand awards, 2011 in china
    design and design awards, 2011 in france
    published in
    quadawards summer book, 2014 in germany
    book awards, 2013 in france
    new graphic #30, 2012 in china
    artflow magazine #3 vol.2, 2012 in england
    the book of the year vol.4, 2011 in france
    my own business card #2, 2011 in france 
    also featured on,
    logottica gallery, 2013 in usa
    cardnerd gallery, 2013 in united kingdom
    design and design showcase, 2013 in france
    aiga member gallery, 2011 in usa
    creattica gallery, 2011 in usa
    design and design showcase, 2011 in france
    and exhibited in,
    hiiibrands awards, 2012 in china