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A selection of site-specific sculpture projects, realised during the late 1990s
Parasitic sculpture
a selection of projects, 1995-present
The projects illustrated here were created as parasitic temporary insertions in existing urban locations. They are not strictly site-specific, but adapt to a variety of different environments and conditions.
Self-constructing Tower (1996) - published in "Smart Materials in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design" Axel Ritter / published by Birkhaeuser, 2007.
The mobile structure responds and reacts to weather conditions - temperature and wind - constantly changing shape.
Project associates: James Rowe (Buro Happold), Toby Blunt (Foster + Partners)
Span - exploratory structural model for Thames Millennium Bridge design proposal (1997).
Project associates: James Rowe (Buro Happold)
Flights I (1995) - at the Brunel University campus, West London
Flights II (1996) - at Blickling Hall, Suffolk