• The paq chair
  • The world's most simple armchair which is transformable into a temporary bed.

    It's feels like a bean bag just much easier to get up from it. It's really flexible so you can move around in it but it's always supports your back. It's a playful stylish armchair and if you get tired of enjoying it just a simple zipper move turns it into a bed. Get the sheetings from the fiber drum and have a nap or a good sleep. It is as simple as it can be.
  • paq chair / $196.00
  • It's ideal for small places or as a spare bed. Available in cotton, textile leather and impregnate textile all of it in lot of color. The inner side is always cotton for a comfortable sleep. The cover is machine-washable. More information and webshop:  www.paqchair.com

    Check out how the whole project started: http://www.behance.net/gallery/The-story-of-paq-Rolly/1225399
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