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  • D&AD Student Awards "Best Of The Year 2013" 

    The briefing asked to create four new graphic identities and its fragrances for Batiste, experts in dry shampoo.

    My concept aims to respond as clearly and directly as possible to the Batiste needs.
    · Creating a new line with a visual unity that would make Batiste to stand out from other products.
    · Paying attention to the functionality with a line that defines the main four types of hair. The design shows four independent products with a direct message, but consistent with each other.
    · Talking to a female target through the color palette or rounded shapes, and some aspects present in 2013 fashion rules, like dots and stripes. 

  • Straight hair
  • Volume hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Curly hair
  • Proportions
  • Implementation