• Out takes
  • During a break while shooting in a shipyard in Vigo, Spain.  I mentioned that the buildings reminded reminded me of a Pink Floyd album cover.
    Segio the safety officer piped-up  "Wish You Were Here" and stated that he had grown up with Pink Floyd constantly playing in the background.
    So we had to do it!
  • Most photographers will know what I mean by "out takes" - it's not a mistake! - it's when you are on a job and something catches your eye and you think "this is more interesting than what I am supposed to be doing" and you fire one off!
    ie one single shot with no Polaroid or multiple bracketing or stage management, often to the bemusement of onlookers.
    This is another of my favourites which I have since sold many a time as a generic photograph of manufacturing or industry.
  • Another single shot taken at 90 degrees to what I was supposed to be doing.
    Also sold as stock and featuring as large prints on some  walls.
  • I was stood on a rocky outcrop on the East coast of Scotland waiting for the fog to clear.
    I looked down at my feet and took this.