production set design - cardboard stage set

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  • the hovering cardboard hand reaching into the audience seating.  spanning approx. 10m in both directions
  • Only if Romeo Knew
    stage set design
  • Cardboard set design for "Only If Romeo Knew", a fund raising production for Haiti Relief in 2010.
    A catwalk stage set is proposed connecting the 2 main stage on either end of the theatre, with small intermediate stages along the catwalk, all constructed from cardboard or recycled material.
    The feature is a gigantic hand hovering above the main stage, made out of 700 recycled packaging boxes, it stretches approximately 10 metres in both directions, reaching past the stage and into the audience seating
    A virtual model was created in Sketchup, to accurately work out the position of each box, then assembled in 27 smaller sections as the complete sculpture is too big for the space. 
  • concept model via sketchup
  • the main stage below the hovering hand
  • during performance
  • As well as the hovering hand, the rest of the cardboard set includes:
    - A fully functional dining table and chairs made from cardboard tubes, assembled together via threading of fishing wires.
    - 2 full size guard dog sculpture framing the dining room set.
    - A moose head wall mount display to the centre of dining room.
    - Candle display
    The cardboard sets are all sold via auction at the end of the performance, with all money raised going toward the Haiti Relief. 
  • prop. 1:1 scale cardboard guard dog
  • cardboard furniture by Chris Su
  • main stage detail. cardboard tube table top, and other cardboard props
  • prop. cardboard bike at the side stage