• office 03

  • AsGummo were only going to be renting the space on the first floor of the oldParool newspaper building in Amsterdam for two years, i29 convinced Gummo toembrace the mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle to create a stylish office spacethat would impact as little as possible on the environment or their wallets.i29 developed a theme that reflects Gummos personality and design philosophy simple, uncomplicated, no-nonsense, yet unquestionably stylish with a twist ofhumour. Everything in the office conforms to the new house style of white andgrey. All the furniture was locally sourced via Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay),charity shops and whatever was left over at the old office. Everything was thenspray painted with polyurea Hotspray to conform with the new colour schemehouse style. Even Jesus wasnt immune, as you can see in the attached pictures.The interior of the office is, just like the building itself, re-used. Theyleft the existing building as it was, and placed one visually strong element inthe 450 m2 open space. The collection of second hand and re-used furniture inone and the same finish is one powerful unified sculpture, so your attentionwill attract to the new interior instead of the old surrounding. Theminimalistic interior has gained even more playful details by using alldifferent types of furniture. To exaggerate the monolith character of thestrangely formed pieces of furniture, grey squares are painted on the concretefloor to frame the different areas in the office space. Reception, workingareas, lounge areas, a mini grandstand and canteen are all unified within theconcept.
    i29 strives to realize timeless interiors that can lastmore then a couple of years, this is partly their vision on a durable way ofmaking a design. The interior of Gummo is a never ending story, and can easilybe expanded or reduced when the company grows and relocates to another office. i29 does not design projects asmost do, they do not style what is there. i29 tries to literally design theexperience of space; the stuff that is not physically there. And one can onlydo this by designing the physical material. It is a different approach and itobviously leads to surprising results. Look at it as a composition in music. Asin music the silence is essential to the music itself. It is the same way withspace. i29 works with structures and rhythms in an elementary and almostabstract way, not with fasion and style. The newoffice of Gummo has been a perfect case study of a smart way to fill atemporary space stylishly and at minimal cost.