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  • This is the first quilt I ever made! The top of this quilt is made entirely from recycled jeans. I had the idea to arrange the jeans in a gradient pattern to represent the way jeans fade over time. I've added pockets and seams from the original jeans for added visual interest. Once I had those blocks complete, I decided it was too "boring" for my taste, so I used my leftover scraps to create the striped border. I was even lucky enough to find denim looking flannel for the backing and binding!
  • mini quilt i made for zoe
    (she picked out all the fabrics!)
  • These are the Mini Monster cakes I made for my daughter's fourth birthday. She actually cried when it was time to eat them because she said, and I quote, "They are TOOOOO cute!" After about 15 minutes, all was well and the cakes were enjoyed by all, including the birthday girl!
  • ps. . . I also made the dress :)