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nostalgia, past present and future

this handmade book explores notions of my personal nostalgia analyzing past, present and future. It is a journey from the day i was born to the unknown tomorrow. 

‘words are memories’ is my first point to try to get back in the past. from a simple word we say, a singular thing we see or read, our mind can easily reconnect to something happened in the past and reaching an old memory, sometimes falling into nostalgia. 

the words, written in my present, and thought in my present, are the trigger for my memories. Inside the past, i meet my old memories, visualised through old images treated in different ways distorted, compromised, disturbed by the
personal present.   

this book and his concept takes inspiration from the idea of hauntology and hauntological art and has been produced exploring ways of crafts and technology; i combined photopolymer making, letterpress, silkscreen, digital printing