• n'ice
    Graphics and stand design
  • N'ice graphics, the new frozen yogurt company that can be found in malls by means of stands.
    The graphic image of the brand, supported by the conceptualization and design of the stand, it has an important approach for the client: the user should see, understand and want to taste what is sold there. Make and stand work together, the first place the two initial steps, the second shows the sympathy that hides the brand.
    Transforming the toppings in the n\ice name, the frozen yogurt becomes in an iconical image, typical of of a company that stands out for its friendliness, freshness and naturalness.

    Concept and design of n'ice stand, the new frozen yogurt company.
    The stand design supports a global graphics work of the brand, where the stand and brand design work together to summarize the values and princpiples of n'ice: familiar, natural and young.
    N'ice must be fresh, fun, friendly ... therefore; the stand brings the customer closer to a corner where a swing and a tree show, by means of fruits, an original way to present the seasonal toppings.