• I spent 5 weeks in New York on July 2013.
  • nic_in_NYC #0
    Some frame from my outgoing flight to New York.
  • nic_in_NYC #1
    Staten Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park.
    Music: "Loop16", Cubic Room by Cube Santo
  • nic_in_NYC #2
    5th of July 2013 I spent my day strolling in the crazy wonderful Chinatown of New York City.

    Music: nyan.cat
  • nic_in_NYC #3
    Coney Island.

    Music: Coney Island Baby - The Excellents (1962)
  • nic_in_NYC #4
    Sleeping people on metro tarins.
    Music: Carillon Ninna Nanna
  • nic_in_NYC #END
    Frames from my outgoing flight (New York > Torino)
    Closed in the Charles De Gaulle airport (Paris) for 5 hours, I started to play with few footages taken during the flight at random, an amazing last view of NYC skyline at dusk + some wing frames. Lacking material I know, but I really enjoyed the extreme editing driven by incredible rhythm of Cube Santo's loops.
    Music: "Loop11" and "Loop 16", Cubic Room by Cube Santo