nhb Xmas püree

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    nhb Xmas püree
    So we decided to make a Xmas film to our friends and clients.

    ..and as a fully qualified, high end,sound engineering and post house, we deliver something that is entirely NOT in these standards. It was much fun to produce.
    nhb: production, postproduction, music composition@mothersmilk
    original concept: Vitor Hugo Aguiar, Ruben Riegamer
    creative direction: Vitor Hugo Aguiar
    art director: Vitor Hugo Aguiar, Ruben Riegamer
    compositing: Patrick Einatz
    editor: Yvonne Stroemer
    colourgrading: Mike Friedland
    music composition: Lennart A. Salomon@mothersmilk
    soundmix: Markus Roseneck
    lovely voice: Karen Eumes