mynuka urban honey branding

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  • Brief
    Construct a brand for an urban beekeepers company.
    Create a name for them and consider the products that may be in the range.
    How would the brand look ad stand out at local markets?  Would it just be honey or something else?
    The concept of my brand is to create a world where honey is an essential part of the home.
    Whether this is in the bathroom, the kitchen or simply as part of the living rooms accessories. 
    Honey can be used in so many different and extraordinary products and it is the aim of mynuka to provide these to the consumer. 
    The emphasis on ‘my’ in the branding of mynuka is to personalise the way in which the higher paying consumer relates to the product. 
    There are many products to buy, but it is what products and combinations that make it personal to the consumer and to what task is at hand whether it be sport, health, beauty etc.
    At mynuka, there is an emphasis on purity within the urban environment. 
    Urban honey is known to be purer and better for you and mynuka shows this purity through its clean, white and minimal packaging design and graphical implementation. 
    All the while, presentation shall always promote high quality.