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The NO place as a start.
The place for the intervention is located in the less known part of Marín (Pontevedra), called Cantodarea; this is a place inside another one, and it has some typical features more common in a Galician country town than in a city. The street lines grow from the deepest of the town core, intertwining themselves, disappearing in some points and appearing again a little bit further... Buildings follow the same almost-random pattern and there is a mixture between urban high-density buildings (4 or more floor dwellings) and country town low-density houses (single family houses, farms, etc.)

Regarding public spaces, there is a total lack of them although the communal fields located in the middle of Cantodarea develop their function. It is also worrying the absence  of public services and dotational buildings, and the commercial activity is reduced to a couple of small stores .
With all this information in mind, it seems necessary to improve the situation; it is not a matter of urban renewal because the urban core works properly and independently, but it is necessary to go further and think that is possible to integrate this part of the history into the hole city and also to be able to bring the citizens closer and make them feel this history as theirs.

The notorious lack of public spaces in the area and the concern of joining the two sides of the fields ensures the necessity of creating a place that gathers both interests; throughout the separation of the geometry of the project two objectives are obtained: on one hand, to generate the mentioned space of relationship, creating a series of transversal and longitudinal circulations that allows to join both sides of the fields and the front part of the plot and the back part; on the other hand, the volumetry of the project improves its integration amongst the neighbourhood by keeping the same scale in all of the pieces, trying to adapt this scale to the surrounding scale (a mixture of high and low density buildings).
The ground floor is raised up from the floor in order to let almost totally free circulation amongst the two sides of the public space, trying to integrate the green of the fields with the public space and the building itself.